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The Bedroom Speaker Conundrum

I would like to have speakers in my bedroom. Currently, my receiver has two bookshelf speakers that are loud enough for the whole common area of our apartment, but it would be nice to listen to quieter music while I’m reading in bed. This post is to outline the two main solutions I’ve come up with. Number 1 - Speaker Wire & Passives It seems fairly simplistic to run speaker wire from the receiver into our bedroom, but since we’re renting the flat, it would actually be fairly complicated to run the wire in a non-intrusive, visually appealing way.…
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The ListenBrainz Widget

A big feature I wanted on this blog was the ability for people to see what music I was listening to right now; and you can see the finished results on the header of this page. This blog is written in Hugo, which means unlike traditional blog engines, it renders the pages server-side, flat file - no database. These posts are actual MD files. This means that getting something to update on page load is not possible in plain HUGO - as far as is my understanding of the tool; which is limited!…
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Utilizing IRC & DCC As a Filesharing Medium

The concept of Filesharing (and digital piracy) has been around since before even the basic days of the internet - where floppy disks, and, even earlier, rolls of punch-paper, were shared at swap meets. The Internet, as it is always keen to do, revolutionized filesharing in a big way. Bulletin Board Systems was where shareware began to congregate, where the very idea of the “scene” really began. Eventually, the Scene spread to Usenet, then FTP & FXP.…
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