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Weekly Update - November 9th, 2022

Trying something new here today. With the recent Twitter fiasco going on I started re-evaluating what I get out of using social media, and condensed it down into two things: I like watching awful people argue with each other I like keeping up with what my friends are up to, and tell them what I’m up to. Number two is the important one here - I only care about particular things my friends are into.…
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Travelogue to the Regular Locations of My Dreams

I have noticed a pattern in my dreams. There are places that I dream, that remain consistent, that have no equivalence in the waking world. When I dream them, I can navigate to them, and am confident in where they are located, despite the fact that their location changes from dream to dream. Frequently they are places in the cities and towns I’ve grown up in, but not always. Often times I’ll forget their familiarity until I dream of them again - so I’ve written this travelogue to document them; mainly for myself, since for the most part others are uninterested in what other people dream.…
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Neubrutalism: A Consideration, and Ruleset

I was recently investigating gumroad and was quite pleased with their new design system. I liked how all their features were summed up as simple taglines (“Go from zero to $1”, as an example), and how the vibrant color pallet drew me between each explanitory diagram. At the time, I googled “Gumroad design scheme” and came up empty with a name for it. However, weeks later, I noticed Figma did a similar design for their own website.…
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