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Changing Grocery Shopping Habits

It is easy to forget how recent the phenomenon of the modern grocery store actually is - it only dates back to 1916, when the first Piggly Wiggly was opened in Memphis, Tennessee. Before that, grocers operated as “over the counter”, as in you would walk up to the counter at the front of the store, and ask the clerk to retrieve whatever quantity of items you actually needed, instead of wander around the store with a basket and select what you wanted from the shelves.…
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Skiff - Or: Why Venture Capital is Bad for You

😵‍💫 Warning: This Diatribe was written in anger, but contains grains of truth Around a year ago, I decided to shutdown my self-hosted email service after running it for about ten years. My choice in doing such was simply cost related - for the scale of email I was processing, it was not viable to run my own servers to do as such, accounting for time in maintenance and ensuring deliverability.…
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Daily Carry 2024

I maintain a living document called my things list, where I track all the different tools and such that I use in my daily life. I try to update this when I remember to, throughout the year, but I also thought it might be interesting to track how my daily carry changes over time. So, here is what I usually have in my pockets as of the start of 2024.…
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