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Daily Carry 2024

I maintain a living document called my things list, where I track all the different tools and such that I use in my daily life. I try to update this when I remember to, throughout the year, but I also thought it might be interesting to track how my daily carry changes over time. So, here is what I usually have in my pockets as of the start of 2024.…
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Resolutions 2024

Wow. What a year. There were many challenges and I accomplished little. The irony that it was the year of the rabbit is not lost on me. I’d like to thank all my friends and various associates for being a guiding light this year, as it would have been a lot more harrowing to do this one alone. Anyways, good riddance - here’s an outline of what I intend to accomplish by the end of this year.…
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Digital Minimalism: Kyocera 902KC

In August of this year, I deleted Twitter off of my phone, after what I found to be the final straw after months of garbage policy changes enforced by the rich egg who now owns the site. While I have been using a minimal smartphone for years - that is to say, a smartphone with as few apps as I “felt possible” (more on that later) - what I found after deleting my main digital narcotic was that instead of spending less time on my phone as I expected, I was instead spending just blankly staring at my phone before either reading the news or finding some other way to waste time.…
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