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Photography, Winter 2021

These are a collection of photos from last Christmas, winter 2021. They were taken in a single afternoon at the same location - the beach located in Mill Bay, Victoria. All were shot on my Nikon FE2 with a 50mm Series E lens, on Ilford HP5+ Black & White Film, pushed to 1600 ISO. Mill Bay, South Angle Mill Bay, North Angle Cold Water, Hard Rocks Seagull, Seeking Roadside Memorial…
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I Added Indieweb Support

I stumbled across Indie Web today, and I think it’s a neat idea. Essentially, it’s a set of philosophies and toolsets to allow indie websites to communicate amongst each other, establish a standard for using your domain as an identity, and a way for websites to parse html as rss feeds. Webmention is the most interesting out of all of their various projects, which is essentially a modern replacement for pingbacks, if you remember those - I certainly did not.…
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Blogging, Updates

I stopped updating this blog after two posts for a couple reasons: I enjoyed setting up the website more then I did writing for it - I created the perfect blog in terms of reading it (personally, you may debate this), but paid no attention to how I was going to write for it, and editing Markdown files is just enough of a PITA that I wanted to avoid doing it (subconciously or otherwise)…
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