Super Simple One Time Passwords for Deno

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SSTOTP is as simple as it gets for a TOTP implementation. The libary can do the following:

  1. Generate TOTP Secrets
  2. Generate TOTP Tokens
  3. Validate TOTP Tokens

Tokens are valid for 30 seconds, and a step tolerance of two is implemented to account for clock skew.

It has a single standard library dependency, which is base32.

At this time, it is considered feature complete. Generating otpauth:// QR codes is left as an exercise to the reader.

Check it out here


import sstotp from "";

// Generate a Base32 Secret Key
const secret = sstotp.genSecret();

// Generate a OTP for a given secret
const token = await sstotp.genToken(secret)

// Check Validity of Tokens
const isValid = await sstotp.chkToken(secret, token)