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Hello, I’m Alex Spezowka, a Technologist & DevOps Specialist living in Calgary, Canada.

With more then seven years of experience in the industry, I have the expertise to implement effective automation strategies and streamline software development processes from start to finish. I possess a wealth of knowledge in cloud computing, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and Infrastructure & Design best practices.

My design philosophy is hyper-functionalist, efficient, and resilient. Building tools that outlast my tenure, and can be later revised and modified by others, is a core tenent of how I work. If that makes sense to you, and you’re looking for a developer that champions user success and accessibility, please reach out.

Click Here to download my Resume. You can also review my resume on peerlist or LinkedIn.

Please note I am fairly inactive on the latter two platforms, and as such prefer to be contacted via email.

Code Forges

I have a Github account, but I primarily work through when contributing to open source projects. Please keep this in mind if you usually use Github as an activity tracker for that kind of thing.

My Public Projects

Projects I’ve Built for Clients


Given the choice, I primarily work with Google Cloud Platform or Vultr, but have worked extensively in the other major cloud platforms.

In the back end, I have an extensive skillset in Docker, Podman, HashiCorp Nomad, Node.JS & Go, CloudFlare WebWorkers, Firebase, all of the flavors of SQL and some of the flavors of No-SQL’s.

I pronounce SQL squill, because that’s more amusing.

For monitoring, my tools of choice are Grafana, Prometheus, Loki & Tempo. For deployment templating, Ansible, or good old-fashioned bash.

When setting up CI/CD, simplest is often best, but I have experience in all the CI colors of the rainbow.

My language of choice is JavaScript, primarily deno for backend and Vue.JS for front. I also have experience in Go.

Speaking Engagements

  • NCRAC 2023 - No Code Radio: How Low-Code Tools can be Utilized in Non-Profit Environments


I have previously held Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer & LPIC-1, but have not renewed them.


[email protected] / (587) 885-1666

PGP: 26DC ECB8 2DF4 F3EC 697B 0975 6D94 7E29 ACE2 3289

AGE: age1tc9j6gxrtx8mqzp8snlmrst9navpyjd050jna93a2s6kqe8m7v4qhw7cc4

I prefer PGP. If you’re wondering if an email is truly from me, please note I always sign critical messages with my PGP key.