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This list has been curated together after a half dozen or so years looking for the “perfect solution” for a number of problems I regularly face.

I spend a lot of time deeply considering the items and tools I have and use. It seems silly to me to use something with any degree of regularity that I do not find 100% satisfying or functional. Some of them are material things, but I’ve also taken the time to highlight software that makes my life better.

I hope this list inspires you to further scrutinize the things you carry.

Outlining these objects was inspited by the work of Jeremy Maluf.



I prefer a watch that is lightweight, with a white dial and steel bezel. When I am doing film development work, a chronometer is crucial. With that in mind, here are a few watches I frequently use.





I use a Framework 13" as my Daily Driver. It is repairable and lightweight.

I have been a user of Arch Linux for many years.

Recently I have moved over to Manjaro after a series of issues with reversions in Intel drivers.


  • Obsidian: My second brain; Anything I read and write gets dumped into here.
  • VSCode: You can either spend time tinkering with your IDE or you can actually get work done.
  • Firefox: We must all do our part to prevent a monopoly in Browser Engines.

Firefox Plugins

  • New Tab Override: I use this to set my new tab to my Homepage.
  • Unpaywall: Helps redirect from journal paywalls to open-access alternatives.
  • uBlock Origin: I will not look at the ads. You can’t make me. A world without this plugin is one where I don’t use the internet.

Retired Items

Some things have been replaced over the years, often due to changes in how I live and work. They’re still of note and quality, so they’ve been archived below.

  • Laguoile Folding Knife: Rosewood/Bronze - Keeps sharp, beautiful, simple as can be. When closed, the flat spine can open bottles, and a practiced hand can even open cans. Changed to the Thiers Issard Tonneau Folding Knife because I need the corkscrew.
  • Nothing Ear (1) Headphones: Black - All wireless earbuds are bad and these are the least bad. Primarily used for taking phone calls. These broke after one year of semi-infrequent use. Would not recommend. Just buy Skullcandy Dimes if you need wireless earbuds, they’ll break just as fast but it won’t hurt the wallet as much when they do.
  • AdNauseam: A plugin so good they banned it from the Chrome Store. Not working any longer, switched to uBlock Origin
  • Moaan Ink Palm 5: Green - The best pocket sized eReader. Syncs with ReadWise & Obsidian. Upgraded to the Onyx Boox Palma
  • Rollei 35 T Camera With Ilford HP5+ Film Shutter Failure caused Early Retirement.