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I’m Alex, also known as Tonic in some online spaces, and this is my blog.

There’s not going to be any one consistent topic focused in on on this site - I tend to write infrequently and what I’m working on is always changing - but I love Hi-Fi Music, Vinyl Collecting, Retro Computing, Film Photography; I read a lot, eat a lot, and like to build things, so if you like anything on that list, I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you here.

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Contact Me

Email: ~tonic/private-inbox@lists.sr.ht

PGP: 26DC ECB8 2DF4 F3EC 697B 0975 6D94 7E29 ACE2 3289

Please use PGP.

What I Carry in my Pockets

Here’s a list of all the stuff I use everyday. C O N S U M E

How this Blog Works

This blog is built with Hugo, a static site generator written in Go; special thanks to Athul, who wrote the Archie theme, which is the bones of this blogs design.

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Other FAQ’s

  1. Why does your blog use both the Gregorian Calendar and the French Republican Calendar?
  • Because the French Republican Calendar is sick, no further questions
  1. Why the name “Lagomor.ph”
  • The domain came to me in a dream, and I like rabbits.
  1. Who drew the logo?
  • The logo for this blog, and Lagomorph Labs, was drawn by Splathew.