Daily Carry 2024

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I maintain a living document called my things list, where I track all the different tools and such that I use in my daily life. I try to update this when I remember to, throughout the year, but I also thought it might be interesting to track how my daily carry changes over time. So, here is what I usually have in my pockets as of the start of 2024.

What I Wear

I am supposed to wear glasses when reading or at the computer, but I often forget to do so.1 These glasses are Ollie Quinn Arlo’s. I also have a sunglasses set from them - the Noramy - which are discontinued.

I like to swap between a few different watches, but right now my favorite is the Svalbard FA30. A few years ago Decimal Time watches were near impossible to find, so it’s very exciting to see new ones being manufactured. Tracking time in Decimal Time keeps me better aware of the ephemerality of time.


  • EReader: Boox Palma

    I’m a big fan of eReaders. As someone who is trying to minimize distractions in my daily life, having a pocket-sized eReader has been a phenomenal transformation of how I use my time. Moments prior spent reading social media is now spent reading books, which has been a major change in helping me keep pace with my reading goals.

  • Cellphone: Kyocera 902KC

    I do not carry a smartphone. This can be tricky to do in our modern era - but the Kyocera 902KC is essential in bridging the gap. It runs android which means the few “must have” apps I need (mainly the Calgary Tranist app) work, but the form factor of the device is not a distraction from the moment I exist in.

  • Voice Recorder: Sony ICD-UX570

    I have a very hard time writing down how I’m feeling in journals. This has caused many prior attempts at keeping one fall through. Ranting into a microphone on the other hand, I’ve found highly effective. I can then offload the files onto my computer and auto-transcribe them into notes.

  • iPod: 5th Gen Flash Modded

    It’s incredible how moddable these devices are. Mine in particular has 500gb of flash memory, instead of the original hard drive, which means I have my entire music collection available whenever I want it on a purpose built, wonderful sounding device.

  • Console: Retroid Pocket

    Sometimes you don’t want to be productive, and that’s fine. When that’s the case for me I’m usually tinkering on this. Right now I’m playing Wind Waker.


  • Camera: FED50

    I like to shoot on film because it keeps me limited in terms of frame count, and therefore more aware of what I’m trying to accomplish with a particular shot. This particular point and shoot is my favorite because of it’s simplicity and no required battery.

  • Wallet: Wingback

    Carries all the cards I need and nothing that I don’t.

  • Notebook One: Travelers Journal

    I use this book to track errant thoughts, recommendations from friends, and any sort of thing I feel the need to work onto paper.

  • Notebook Two: Hobnichi Techo Day Planner

    On the other hand, this book is used to track anything that has been done, will be done, or needed to be done.

  • Knife: Thiers Issard Tonneau Folding Knife

    A critical feature for me in any knife is a corkscrew. A few manufacturers include these on their knives but I have a suspicion many deisgners have never tried to actually use one. This one works splendidly.

  • Pen: Kaweco Liliput

    I like to write in purple ink. This generally limits me in choice of mass-manufactured pens, so I gravitate towards fountain pens. This one is around the same height as my knife and expands out to the same length as a standard pen.

Not Photographed

I always have my Keyring on my person, and usually a deck of cards.


  1. I wasn’t wearing glasses as I typed this. Now I am, though. Hooray, eye health. ↩︎