Photography, Fall 2010

/ 20 Brumaire 230
Esperanto 2 minutes / 247 words

While cleaning, I discovered an undeveloped roll of Ilford Delta 100. I have not shot that film stock for a very long time.

I estimate that I took these photos around ~2010. This was when I was just beginning to experiment with film photography as a medium. I know I took them on my Nikon FE, but at the time it had no batteries in it, so I shot all of these on the Mechanical 90 shutter speed.

I didn’t understand the concept of light metering yet, so about 60% of the roll was too dark to develop. The most interesting of the series are below.

The interesting part, for me, is how many of these locations I remember exactly - namely, the stump on the “footpath” to ratlake. I even remember taking the photos in the Home Depot Lighting department.

I always find it funny how much I like the framing of the photographs I took when I had no idea what I was doing versus the photographs I take now. Knowledge corrupts instinct.

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