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/ 5 Prairial 230
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in short: I fixed the website, got rid of IPFS support, and promised to write more often.

I stopped updating this blog after two posts for a couple reasons:

  1. I enjoyed setting up the website more then I did writing for it - I created the perfect blog in terms of reading it (personally, you may debate this), but paid no attention to how I was going to write for it, and editing Markdown files is just enough of a PITA that I wanted to avoid doing it (subconciously or otherwise)

  2. IPFS stopped playing nice with Hugo, the site generator I prefer, so the website remained a broken link for a period of time. With the lack of enthusiasm I had to fixing that particular issue, the site remaind dormant.

  3. Cryptocurrency bullshit. This blog is hosted via IPFS, which is a technology that has been coopted by crypto losers. I briefly played with Ethereum a few years back but beyond the environmental, humanitarian, and ethical problems with crypto, I find it deeply troubling that their is no use for it that’s not better served by a SQL table. Fleek, my IPFS pin provider, no longer aligns with my views on crypto - but it’s a mild PITA to recreate the CDI pipeline on a different platform, so I didn’t bother.

After a busy year with many ongoing, interesting projects, I realized I craved having my own space on the internet again. I shopped around for a couple days for newer, better blogging platforms and found myself looking back at my “perfect” Hugo theme once again.

So, here we are. Here’s whats changed.

  1. Switched to a Serif Font, for increased readability.

  2. Moved away from Fleek as a “hosting” provider.

  3. Am currently working on making writing for this blog an easier process. The perfect solution is if I could edit all my posts with an editor like Obsidian, or better yet - email them directly to the blog.

The last point is the most interesting problem at the moment. This website is built using as Static Site Generator, which means new blogposts have to be checked in via Git. Previously I tried using Forestry as a drop-in CMS, but found it lacking, so I usually wrote posts in VSCode. It worked but it wasn’t the nicest solution. I don’t know what I’ll do for this yet.

Finally, I’ve started tracking tasks through Todoist. It intergrates well with everything but my E-Reader, and I’ve started to use it to actually track posts I’ve been wanting to write, instead of them drifting off into the ether if I don’t sit down to write them immediately. Here’s to more content in 2022/230 and beyond!