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Fun with Hyperlocal Data

I’ve been drawn to the idea of having many tiny sensors around my home intermittently collecting data points about all sorts of things - the Lumen measurement of our bedroom at night, the noise of the street below us, the AQI of our kitchen. This was mostly a pipedream until Pimoroni came out with a series of wireless monitors with all sorts of sensors that use a Raspberry Pi PICO to send the data to an endpoint of your choosing.…
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Bimonthly? Update - December 15th, 2022

As with most anything I’ve tried to start as a habit, these update posts have become far less then routine. Not to say I haven’t done anything worth writing about - I’m just incredibly lazy. Anyways, here’s what’s up: What I’m Working On I’ve installed a number of Pimoroni Enviro sensors around the home. It’s been great being able to retrieve hyperlocal weather and environment data to do with as I see fit.…
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Batman Is Kind of Strange as a Concept

Have you ever really sat down and thought about Batman? I had a surplus of spare time on my hands recently, so I went back and played through Batman: Arkham City. When it originally came out, people consistently told me it was good, but I never got around to playing it because I just never cared about superhero comics or any other type of cape media. It’s a middling game - lot’s of time wasting minigames - but I’m not here to elaborate on the game much further, just use it as a tool to examine how weird Batman is as a character.…
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